Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summing it up: My PLN for You

Well, the end of the road has appeared, eh fellow teachers? For my summative project, I hummed and hawed for pretty much two weeks, wondering what I could do. While sitting in one of our exciting classes, I asked Tiffany what she had done. She gave me an overview of how she used screenr to voice-over her prezi presentation. I didn't have experience with either tool, but it sounded very cool indeed. I also asked Alanna, and she said she used Livebinders to organize all that she learned. This also sounded very practical and neat.

So what I did was take part of both ideas and use screenr to talk about my livebinder. Thank you for sharing your ideas Tiffany and Alanna. Your projects were awesome, and I will definitely be referring back to them in the future.

As you'll see, my livebinder is rather minuscule in comparison to Alanna's. So, I tried to make it personal a bit and share the information that I found very useful, as well as a few resources that will help us out as new teachers. This course was by far the most useful course during my two years in the Education Program. I highly recommend that it become mandatory.

Anyway, here's my masterpiece:

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  1. Thanks for the praise Jesse! Glad you were able to use screenr to help add to your summative project. So easy to use hey! Too bad it only gives 5 minutes. I definitely agree that this course should be mandatory for everyone. Some of the mandatory classes we had to take, I have to question how they are even relevant vs how relevant this course is. I think you did a great job with your livebinder. Adding the curriculum aspect with the online courses was a good call. AND yes, Alanna`s livebinder did totally have an insane amount of detail!! I liked your point that we are edubloggers ourselves now. Hadn`t even considered that.
    Good luck to you sir, it`s been great getting to know you these two years!