Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Internet Making Us Stupid or Smart?

One of our tech tasks in the course was to comment on whether we think the internet is making us stupid or smart. The basis for our opinions was to be the two articles listed below:

Does the Internet Make You Dumber? by N. Carr
Does the Internet Make You Smarter? by C. Shirky

Basically, I do not agree with either of the articles, totally. Both point out some valid points, but I think it all comes down to the individual that is using the internet. There are all sorts of uses for the internet, and everyone uses it for a various reasons. If you were fortunate enough to take this course with Mike, you should have a good idea of how to use the internet efficiently in order to learn.

I found a video on youtube of a guy who, by the sounds of it, did an assignment very similar to the one we were asked to do for this tech task. Although he just made a video of himself reading his blog, the information he gives is indeed true, in my opinion. If you can get passed the slight degree of weirdness, and a few 'F' bombs thrown in at the end, take a gander and see if you agree.

I guess  I would tend to agree more with the fact that the internet is making us smarter. At least it should, shouldn't it? Having access to basically any information and any person in the world gives us the opportunity to learn far more than we ever could have without the internet. It's the whole idea of sharing - the main point of this course - that allows us to broaden our knowledge and experience base. It's there for the taking, so why not jump on the opportunity.

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