Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Closer Look at Web-Based Courses

I finally got around to taking a gander at the web based courses that MB Education has to offer. I sent in a request for the three subjects I will be teaching in my last placement - Science 10F, Science 20F, and Biology 40S.

I took a look through the material for Grade 12 Biology and found it to be potentially very useful. The lessons are laid out in a very organized way, easy to follow, and correspond directly to the curriculum documents. I like how the amount of text students need to read is minimal (which I'm sure they will enjoy as well).

I also like the interactive aspect of the web based courses. It encourages class discussions, which lends to the idea of sharing knowledge and creating a learning community. This would be a great opportunity to start students off on the advantages of using social media and other internet resources to help them learn.

I will definitely be using these web-based courses as an added resource in my upcoming placement. The lessons and assignments will be very useful in helping me diversify and differentiate my classroom instructional methods.

Here is a link to MB Education's Distance Learning web page:

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