Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Personal ICT Devices in the Classroom

As part of our class work, we were asked to pick a topic relevant to ICT and education and, in groups, we presented our findings to the class. I enjoyed all the presentations and found them very informative. One presentation that stood out for me was the examination of personal ICT devices in the classroom, which was very well done by Shaun and Tim P (nice work guys!). I liked how they broke down their critiques into categories such as accessibility, authenticity, features, etc. This allowed me to think a lot more critically about each of the devices, and make a more informed decision.

After the presentation, as well as drawing from my own experiences, I think the most useful device to use in the classroom is the laptop. I think there is still a potential place for the other devices in schools, and the more devices being used, the better. However, the many uses and features of a laptop are hard to beat.

One website that I found while browsing for potential uses of ICT in the classroom was called "Shambles". Again, there are hundreds of links to many useful resources for all subject areas. Because my interest is in teaching Science, one link I found rather interesting can be found here:
This is a page containing lots of ideas for incorporating ICT into science lessons. Take a look, and bookmark it up!

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