Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let the Blogging Begin!

This is my first experience with blogging, and so far I am enjoying it. John Evans' presentation of Personal Learning Networks was very interesting and opened my eyes to the value of using tools such as Diigo and Twitter etc. in relation to teaching. I am really looking forward to implementing the use of those tools in my classroom. Our students live in a technological world, and by giving them the opportunity to use the internet more for their education, we will hopefully see more interest and enthusiasm in assignments and projects we ask them to complete. Using Personal Learning Networks should benefit everyone involved in education.

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  1. Ya Jesse, I totally agree with using technology in the classroom and I think it can be a great motivator for students.

    Imagine this... You were teaching a class and during instruction you had a twitter feed projected at the front of the room. Each student in the class had access to Twitter and was required to post something related to the topic at hand while the class was progressing. Imagine how much learning would be going on. Before a student could post anything, they would have to analyze what they knew and the questions they had about the topic at hand, and contribute to the discussion. This would require great metacognition skills and great PLNs would be established at a very young age.

    My question remains, if students are the ones jumping all over technology and are motivated by it to establish PLNs and learn like never before, why are we as teachers, principals, and school boards the ones holding them back?