Sunday, January 30, 2011

Educating in the Networked World - Going Virtual

Dr. Glen Gatin presented some very interesting happenings in the world of education and ICT. He outlined more of the possibilities available to us as educators when it comes to incorporating the internet into our classrooms. One of the most intriguing ideas he raised was the use of the online virtual world "Second Life" as an educational tool. I was not familiar with what exactly Second Life was all about, but after talking to a few of my friends and looking around on the web, I discovered some very interesting things. I still can't totally wrap my head around the capabilities of this separate online world, but I can definitely see some advantages.

One of the videos I found interesting talked about using Second Life to supplement Science instruction. Since I plan on teaching high school science, I would like to consider adding this to my bottomless bag of potential tools for getting information to students. Undoubtedly there will be at least one student that would find this sort of resource useful. Take a look at the video and see what you think...


  1. It is an interesting video of Second Life to use science in the classroom. Students will understand the theory better and will learn the content deeply. This kind of technology in the classroom will increase students’ motivation and engagement.

    Thanks Jesse for sharing the video with all of us.

  2. I found this video was interesting. When Dr. Gatin first introduced the idea of virtual learning I was quite skeptical. After viewing this video I am not so skeptical. I am not sold on the idea but I can now see some of the benefits that this type of learning would offer some students. Something to consider looking into more I guess.